An ongoing feature: each issue will showcase a different model captured by our cameras.
Ian McKenzie was selected for our Autumn 2007 issue. Additional pictures from the session are available for viewing.

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Ian McKenzie

"I tell myself I am too solitary, when actually have a lot of really good friends. I tell myself I'm fat, when I'm really not. I tell myself and others that I hate my job as a corporate slave, when really it's not not so bad. I tell people I am fixing up a craftsman bungalow, when in fact I've been stalled on it for almost two years. Basically, I guess I'm a big, fat liar, aren't I?"

Some Physical Statistics
Height: 5'10"     Weight: 153#      Color of Eyes: Green

What music are you listening to at this moment?
Dance remizes, like a total circuit boy (which I most definately am not.)


Are you a dog-person or a cat-person?      —what breed?
I love both, but would only have a cat at this time, due to long work hours, travel, and the smell that dogs often carry. Growing up we had a weimaraner, doberman/rottweiler, English setter, and black lab. Our dogs had the rputation of being the mean dogs in the neighborhood. In my adult life I had two tabby cats.

Would you ever print a tattoo of a partner's name on your chest?  
No tattoos for me! But I would hyphenate his last name with mine.

What physical quality would you like most in your partner?
Tall, lean to muscular, and I am fond of big noses and Adam's apples.


They say everyone has a double, look-alike. What is yours doing right at this moment?
Wishing for a different look-a-like, maybe one who looks like Brad Pitt.


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