An ongoing feature: each issue will showcase a different model captured by our cameras.
Tatman posed recently for the Summer 2007 issue. Additional pictures from the session are available for viewing.

Les Bouska || August 2007


"I am a man that strives to live his life simply and humbly. The pursuits that drive and empower me are the same traits we are all born with. The gifts of the senses are our greatest assets. To awaken and hone these birthrights into all consuming experiences to be reveled in is truly a gift of the Gods. Learning and practicing the art of carrying that same energy into my day to day existence has been a gift to myself. Life is delicious if we let ourselves sample the fare."

Some Physical Statistics
Height: 5'10"     Weight: 170#      Color of Eyes: Blue

What plans remain for your tattoos?
In the works now are plans to fill my left arm completely. Still looking at works to be chosen but will start soon. I have added new cuffs on both arms after this shoot was done and still have some touchup on those scheduled.


Which was your first and what motivated to start?
My first was the angel on my left pec. It just sort of spread out from there.I would never have dreamed I would be this covered with ink. It really did awaken a primal part of my being.

Have you always lived in Atlanta?  
I have always been in Atlanta. I love it here, however, I hear the call of San Francisco more strongly every day.

You practice yoga; are you an avid participant?
I love my yoga practice. I do it as often as I can. Most weeks however I can only manage to work in the two classes I take at Jai Shanti. They have nude classes for men there and I make a point of being at those. Yoga is very liberating and even more so when done nude. I especially like the postures that stretch the lower back over an inverted torso. That would make the plow posture one of my favorites.


You have such a calm, relaxed attitude; how do you attribute this outlook?
I try to keep my attitude based in spirit. It can be a challenge in our hurry up and wait world, but it is the foundation that all our joy and bliss is built upon. Prayer, meditation, and a daily erotic practice based in Tantra are all part of staying in an open heart space. It has allowed me to experience  people, places, and things, as they are when they are in front of me. 


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