An ongoing feature: each issue will showcase a different model captured by our cameras.
For this, the Autumn 2006 publication, Chris Coleman appears as our cover image.
Additional pictures of Chris already exist in the photography section of the site.

chris coleman


"I invest a lot of time and energy in close friends. Hopefully they will be people like me: thoughtful and thought provoking, liking to stretch themselves and give anything a try, not addicted to anything too strongly - a balance is best. You need a bit of trashy and a little saintly goodliness to be well balanced. Warning, I always say what I'm thinking, and like it best when I hear something back that gives me a new perspective."

Some Physical Statistics
Height: 6'1"      Weight: 180#      Color of Eyes: Hazel

How long have you been modeling?
Longer than I will admit...

What photographers have you worked with?
I have worked with some very talented photographers... D-G Smith,
Richie Arpino, Dennis Dean, Harriett Lebowitz... I am scheduled to shoot
with Tom Bianchi in 2007.

How often do you visit the gym?
I definitely go 4 times a week.  I sometimes can sneak in that crucial 5th
day, but it's pretty tough to manage a 5 day a week routine

What is your favorite exercise / least favorite ?
My favorite exercise is working shoulders.  My shoulders used to be my weak point, so I have worked on them religiously to get them where I want.  I would say my least favorite is calves.  I just can't seem to build them.  It's very frustrating....

What other activities help you with your exercise routine?
I work out (with weights) 4-5 days a week. Sorry, but I don't do
cardio. Don't hate me for having a high metabolism...       :o)

What helps you to relax?
I love to sleep.... a lot...

What do you deplore in others?
I always try and steer clear of dishonest and selfish people.

Who would you NOT invite to a function?
People that have difficulties meeting new people.

Any hobbies or second careers you would like to mention?
I have been a mortgage broker for 11 years.  It's not a glamorous life, but it pays the mortgage!

What was your favorite pick-up line?
I was told last summer.... "I would like to repel down that chest".... I
thought that was a great compliment and also very gutsy

You are in a committed relationship.

When you two first met, who approached whom?
He approached me.... He grabbed me by the arm and said "You need to work on those arms..."

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